Star Wars: Hunters will have a test run, what’s known?

Publisher Zynga has announced an upcoming trial launch of Star Wars: Hunters. What platforms and when will it happen?

Star Wars: Hunters is the mobile replacement for Battlefront that Zynga makes. We now know that the developers will do a trial run. This will happen on Android, with test versions for Nintendo Switch and iOS only arriving next year. The rest need to prepare, because the CEO of Zynga himself announced that testing will begin next week. While we do not know in which countries the game will be available, it may be Asia. We will try to get the APK after opening the servers.

The trick of Star Wars: Hunters is that in it battles in arenas take place from the third person. Players are free to side with the Rebels, the Empire, or the bounty hunters. Each character will have their own abilities, this even applies to droids and clones. The fighters will perform in a 4 by 4 format. We’re looking forward to season passes, skins, and possibly premium heroes. By the way, the events of the Hunters unfold during the “Mandolorian”.

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