Started CBT Devil May Cry Mobile on Android: Dante, demons and three guns

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Capcom has finally launched the final PTA for Devil May Cry Mobile. This is a peppy slasher with cut-scenes on the game engine. We are immediately introduced to the pompous and young Dante, who manages to meet girls and shoot demons. According to the plot, something or someone is behind the appearance of demons. The story is divided into chapters. The graphics look great for mobile phones. The screen is not overloaded with icons, the controls are intuitive. For some reason, when typing a combo, the “score” is not shown.

What about localization: the game is half in English and Chinese. There are two difficulty levels: easy and hard. The last one will have buffs to the loss of materials. According to the plot, new characters will open, at least Lady and Virgil. There is a cooperative mode for three players. Upon completion of the levels, we receive currency, items and loot boxes.

Test version of Devil May Cry Mobile is available on Android via TapTap… The iOS version has to wait. So far, not a word about a global release, so far especially for China and maybe Southeast Asia.

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