Started CBT for Angel Squad on Android: anime waifu save the world with a sniper rifle

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Publisher LYTO MOBI has launched a CBT for their new project – Angel Squad. This is a mobile action game with anime waifu. They have pink hair, cute faces, and huge guns. At the very beginning, we are bombarded with a plot; the whole gameplay is based on movement, auto-aiming and shooting. The graphics are C grade even when compared with other mobile anime games. You should expect mechs floating in the air, bosses with AoE-abilities and mindless shooting with hints of some The Division.

The plot is divided into missions. We are being led by the hand during training and this is incredibly infuriating. There are many unvoiced dialogues that still need to be skipped. Common enemies are cops with shields and helmets. They know how to hide behind cover. Hallway and scripted levels.

The beta version of Angel Squad is already available on Android. To do this, you need to steal a VPN for Southeast Asia. IOS pre-order via Indonesia. This is a shareware project with microtransactions. According to the App Store, the release is scheduled for June 9, 2021.

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