Started CBT MMORPG Re: Tree of Savior, what are the requirements and how long will it last?

Publisher Nexon has launched a beta test for MMORPG Re: Tree of Savior. It is a 2D project with cartoon anime graphics. Testing will last from 4 to 17 June. To participate on Android, you need OS 7.0 or higher with 3GB RAM and 3GB internal storage. If you have iOS, then you need OS version 12.0 or higher with 2 GB of RAM and 3 GB of internal space. It is worth noting that during the CBT, developers will not be selling premium items. Probably due to the fact that after the beta, the progress will be reset.

If you’re not learning Japanese, the bad news is that everything in the game is in Japanese. There is no cross-play mode between PCs and smartphones, purely for reference. If you go to Re: Tree of Savior every day during the CBT, then you will be credited with prizes: HP potions, materials for character leveling, and so on.

There is isometric gameplay, 60 FPS and very dynamic battles. The soundtrack is reminiscent of Final Fantasy and the likes of jRPGs. There are real-time battles and colorful graphics. You can download the beta version on Android via TapTap… On the official website only a link to Google Play (and even then not working). For iOS, it was necessary to apply, but now this topic has been closed.

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