State of Decay 2: Base Defense – How to reduce the number of zombie hordes attacking the base

Base defense in State of Decay 2 can be a very fun part of the game. At the same time, it can become one of the most difficult tasks. Sometimes it seems that all you do is run to your own base in order to protect it and replenish dwindling supplies. Although they could at this time enthusiastically explore the huge open world of the game. Hordes of bloodthirsty zombies seem to be constantly targeting your camp. Your survivors are about to use up all their ammo and medical supplies just to fight off the attack. We will try to give you some tips and tricks on how to reduce the number of attacks by zombie hordes in State of Decay 2 in particular and about protecting the base in general.

Basic base defense tips in State of Decay 2

A good start to prevent frequent attacks on the base is to clear the surrounding buildings and areas of the zombies present there. They will still reappear after a while, but until then you will be safe. Carefully inspect the nearest points of infection and try to clean them up as well. This will also reduce the chance of a zombie horde possibly attacking. Plague Hearts keep creating Plague Zombies. Get rid of them and you can sleep a little more peacefully. The main thing to remember is that after each destroyed plague heart, it becomes more difficult to defeat the next one. Set up an observation tower at your base. This will reduce the likelihood of an attack threat by two points. It requires guards and ammunition, but its improved version can reduce the threat even more. Do not create a base in a densely built environment or in a desert area. Unless you have plenty of armed survivors and supplies to fend off frequent zombie attacks. The countryside with plenty of free space around will make defense a lot easier.

Lower the noise level of your base to reduce the chance of being attacked by a horde of zombies

The noise will attract more zombies. Who would have thought? Open the map, then select the base from the top menu to see its equipment (or just press B on the keyboard). In the lower left corner is a scale indicating the level of threat. She can tell you what exactly is noisy in your camp and how much. Based on these indicators, the game calculates how often you will be attacked by zombies. The more people inside your base, the more noise they make! Don’t overpopulate your base until you have amassed enough weapons and supplies to successfully defend it. Some buildings make a lot of noise. An electric generator, for example, is a great help to increase morale, but the ability to quickly die happy is a rather dubious help for survivors. The generator makes an incredible amount of noise. Better try building solar panels. True, they need a sufficient amount of free space. Covered beds also increase the noise level. Therefore, if the level of threat of attack is too high, it is better to dismantle some of them. In addition, noise is created by the construction process. Try not to build several base modules at once. Build them in turn, one by one. If you complete the game, then new opportunities will open up for you. In particular, if you had a builder leader, then he will be able to silently use water and electricity.

How to protect the base from the zombie horde attacking it

If there are holes in the walls of your base, it will be much more difficult to defend it. Try to choose a camp with high walls and a small number of possible entrances. When the zombies attack him, they will try to break down the doors. If you open them at this moment, the zombies will lose their balance and fall, and you will get the opportunity to kill them with one hit. Most importantly, do not forget to close the gate again later in order to be able to repeat this simple trick again. Alternatively, you can be smart and park a few cars across the entrances so that attacking zombies can’t get in. Leave only one free passage, and all zombies will be forced to go only through it. This will make it much easier to kill them and make your life much easier.

So, in order to successfully defend the base, you will need to build observation towers and try to keep the noise level as low as possible so that the zombies attack the base as rarely as possible. We hope you find these tips useful and make your life in State of Decay 2 a little easier. If you have any additional tips and tricks that might help players, be sure to leave them in the comments to complete this article.


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