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In the completely zombie-dominated world of State of Decay 2, where decaying corpses surround you everywhere, you need to learn how to deal with many diseases, including the most dangerous bloody plague. This section describes the stages of the Blood Plague disease, how to treat it, and how to avoid infection. In addition, you will learn how to repair weapons and assign or change a community leader.

What is blood plague?

Blood Plague is a deadly disease transmitted by Plague Zombie - FAQ |  State of Decay 2 - Basic tips |  State of Decay 2 - State of Decay 2 Game Guide

Blood Plague is a deadly disease transmitted by plague zombies. You can get it through direct contact with this enemy. Even if you have been hit by a plague zombie once, your character will be able to control the level of infection. The Blood Plague indicator is located on the left side of the screen, just above the radar. The more damage you take from the plague zombie, the more severe the survivor’s injury will be. If the infection level is full, it is important to heal your hero, otherwise you may lose him forever.

How to cure Blood Plague?

You can cure the Blood Plague in the infirmary. To restore your character’s health, you will need a special medicine that can be crafted with 5 Plague Samples. These samples can be obtained from the bodies of a defeated Plague Zombie or by destroying a Blood Plague. What is very important, before creating a medicine, you must place the samples in storage inside the base, and then create the appropriate medicine from the Infirmary menu.

How to avoid contracting the blood plague?

Blood Plague can be avoided by carefully destroying the Plague Zombie. Just try to keep your opponents at bay and destroy them with firearms. Another safe way is to run over a Plague Zombie while driving. However, if you have to fight in close combat, try to sneak up on your opponents and hit them with one blow. This way you will avoid a direct battle and will not be infected by the blood plague.

How to repair weapons in State of Decay 2?

You will need a workshop to repair your weapons in the State of Decay 2 - FAQ |  State of Decay 2 - Basic tips |  State of Decay 2 - State of Decay 2 Game Guide

You will need a workshop to repair your weapons. Depending on where you live, your shelter may already provide access to the workshop, and if not, you will have to raise it. The next step is to store the corrupted weapons in the base storage. Then select the broken weapon and check how many parts you need to fix it. It must be taken into account that completely destroyed weapons will require significant efforts to restore them to perfect condition.

How to appoint a leader and how to change him?

Before you can designate a character as a community leader, they must first become a hero. Everything you do in State of Decay 2 will help your survivors rank up by completing missions, killing zombies, placing resources in the warehouse, and destroying the black plague. Once your character has become a hero, you can designate him/her as a community leader. But if the current leader is not to your liking because he or she is not providing satisfactory bonuses to your community, the only way to change it is to expel the current leader or bring him/her to death. This is why choosing the right leader must be carefully considered. Before making this decision, first check each of the available characters and the bonuses they can provide.

What is the maximum number of survivors?

Of course, you are wondering how much you can develop the State of Decay 2 community. It is known that the more hands you have to work with, the faster you will be able to expand the base, complete missions, or get the opportunity to develop more necessary skills. Unfortunately, there is no official data on this yet, but it seems that depending on which path you are on (Warlord, Builder, Sheriff, Trader), the maximum number of survivors can vary from 9 to 12.

How do I stop the game in State of Decay 2?

If you need a short or long break, but do not want to leave State of Decay 2, or if you are afraid to leave your community at the mercy of fate, you can take advantage of the pause - FAQ |  State of Decay 2 - Basic tips |  State of Decay 2 - State of Decay 2 Game Guide

If you need a short or long break but don’t want to leave State of Decay 2, or if you’re afraid of leaving your community to its own devices, you can take advantage of the pause. It should be noted here that you will not be able to pause when you are online. So first you need to switch to offline mode. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings screen by pressing the Start button (gamepad) or the Escape key (keyboard).

  • Open the Multiplayer tab.

  • Change to offline.

By following the above steps, you will be able to pause State of Decay 2.

Knowledge of computers – where to get this skill?

In the game, each survivor has certain skills, one of which is Computer Knowledge. If you don’t have survivors in your community with this knowledge, you must learn it. To study knowledge about computers, you will need the Computer Tutorial.

Where to get and how to use the textbook on computers?

Unfortunately, there are no specific places where you can find the Computer Tutorial. The best way to get it is to simply explore the area carefully, and after a while you will surely find the book. Once you receive a textbook on computers, you will be able to master the knowledge of computers right away. Remember that in order to learn this skill, you must have a survivor with a free slot for an additional skill.

What is hydroponics?

A hydroponics facility allows you to get a large amount of food every day, but requires a constant supply of water and electricity. What’s more, Hydroponics uses 1 pile of materials per day. As you know, turning on the power generator creates a lot of noise, so your community can be attacked by zombies. The best way to deal with this issue is to use Builder’s Legacy Boon. This will allow you to have unlimited water and electricity without making any unnecessary noise to keep your hydroponics running.

How to build barracks?

Barracks is a structure that requires a lot of outside space. To build it, you will need 5 units of building materials, 3 survivors, and the construction time will be 30 minutes. After building the barracks, your community will receive 4 extra beds.

Ultimate Edition Doomsday Pack DLC and what does it contain?

The Doomsday Pack is one of the add-ons that can be activated by purchasing the enhanced version of the game State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition. The Doomsday Pack contains several weapons, an additional vehicle, and valuable materials. At first glance, this is not much, but it can give you a good advantage in the game, especially at the very beginning.

Activating the Doomsday Pack is very easy. In order to get additional items, you must first make sure you have installed the correct DLC. If the game has not downloaded additional content itself, you can do it manually in the game settings. Interestingly, you don’t have to look for additional items, just log into the game and use the radio to get them.


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