State of Decay 2 – Fundamentals of Survival

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The world in State of Decay 2 is not one of the most pleasant, not only because of the zombies that are prevalent throughout. You won’t find much food, ammo, or medicine here, and an increasing number of survivors want to join your community. So how do you survive and provide your community with a good life? Below you will find many fundamental survival principles.

Build communities and bases

Building a thriving community is the key to success. You can do this by taking over abandoned buildings for your own use, exploring, foraging, and traveling between three large areas. Although you can only control one hero at a time, it’s worth remembering that you can switch between other survivors at any time. So if one of your Heroes is hurt or tired, you can bring him back to base to heal his injuries, or just rest and take control of another Hero to continue the mission.

pros and cons of heroes

Each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses and certain skills. So always try to choose the right person for the task. For example, if you know that your hero will face a lot of enemies, you can’t send someone who doesn’t know hand-to-hand combat at all or can’t wield firearms.

Explore the area, gather resources and upgrade your base

The more time you spend exploring an area, the more raw materials you will collect and be able to expand your base. When you first take over a building, you must take into account that it will take quite a long time before you can expand and fortify it well enough. So, start as early as possible.


If you come across other surviving enclaves and settlements, you will be able to trade raw materials with them so you can gather the resources you need quickly. All items found in the game can be sold for influence points, which are the main currency in the game. With the help of influence points, you can buy, for example, much-needed food or ammunition. Remember not to intimidate or annoy any of the merchants you encounter, because instead of gaining an ally, you may gain a deadly enemy and quickly say goodbye to one or more of your heroes.

Sounds are deadly

Remember that every action you make in the game makes special sounds that can alert zombies. As you explore areas, try to be as quiet as possible and focus on eliminating enemies from behind. Before you start searching for chests, crates, barrels, and other types of containers, make sure you don’t alert nearby enemies. The same principle applies to expanding the base, as you will increase the Threat Level indicator, so try to keep it at an appropriate level. This way you won’t endanger the life and health of your community.

Explore the world during the day

Try to plan your expeditions or missions in such a way that they are completed during the day. At night, you will not have enough visibility, especially on foot, which can make the game much more difficult and cause a lot of trouble. Driving in the dark is also not easy, you can easily damage it.

Kill Screamer

To avoid being surrounded by Zombies, always try to destroy the Screamer. If he sees your Hero or one of your companions, he will immediately scream and alert all Zombies in the area, which can cause you a lot of problems.

Beware of plague zombies!

When you fight Zombies, you have to be especially careful with the Plague Zombie that carries the Blood Plague. A character infected with this disease will need special treatment with the right medicines or else he or she will join your hordes of enemies. Keep a close eye on the infection level that appears on the left side just above the radar. You can craft a cure in the Infirmary using 5 Blood Plague Samples obtained from the bodies of Fallen Plague Zombies or after removing a Blood Plague Hearth.

Destroy the plague

The Blood Plague is a red pulsing organic heart that is directly related to the Plague Zombie. Destroying the heart will completely clear the area of ​​such enemies. Unfortunately, to do this, you need to train well, because it is not enough to use a regular weapon or a few shots from a weapon. The best way to take out the blood plague is to use some explosives and ranged weapons to avoid inhaling the toxic fumes. It should also be noted that Blood Plague Hearth is able to call for reinforcements, so after starting such a mission, you will have to take into account a big mess. That’s why it’s worth accepting support in the form of a few other survivors.

Get a car

Getting a working vehicle is an incredibly important issue in State of Decay 2 if you want to be able to move between the three areas available in the game. A car not only makes travel much easier, it also provides protection and can carry additional resources. What’s more, while driving a car, you can use the door to scatter and destroy the enemies that attack your car. Also, remember that not all opponents can be easily hit by a car, so try to avoid head-on collision with the biggest zombies like Juggernauts. During the use of the car, you must take into account that it will lose its durability and receive damage, for example, caused by a zombie attack. You also have an unlimited supply of fuel, which must be replenished before each trip.

Use Support

Always take support with you. When you’re on a mission, you don’t know what to expect, and additional weapons or rifles can help you explore and get rid of larger zombies. To ask one of the survivors to support, just talk to him while you are at the base. It is worth noting here that when you start researching the history of another survivor, the one who accompanied you will return to the base.

Radio and other players

During the game, you can use the radio to communicate with other players, such as calling support. You can also respond to other players’ requests and jump into their game. Remember that by joining another player’s gameplay, you will be connected to his/her world, his/her mission and community, but you will control the hero from your own campaign. Also remember that if your character dies in another player’s world, your character will also die in your own storyline. It’s also worth noting that when playing another player’s game, you can’t go too far away from the host – this will teleport your character to his/her current position.


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