State of Decay 2 – How to develop a character

In State of Decay 2, everything you do affects the development of your currently controlled character. Each of the skills develops on its own – you don’t have to do anything. Just run, fight, shoot and search for areas. Below you can find useful information about all the basic skills, as well as some tips to help you grow your community.

Character Development

In State of Decay 2 each survivor has certain skills and traits that shape their general abilities - Heroes progression, community, trade |  State of Decay 2 - Basic tips |  State of Decay 2 - State of Decay 2 Game Guide

In the game, each survivor has specific skills and traits that determine their overall abilities. Each character has four main skills: cardio, fighting, shooting, and wit.

  • Cardio is one of the basic skills that determines your endurance level. Endurance affects how long a character can run or fight. To restore it, you need to rest or eat. Cardio can be increased by sprinting.

  • Fighting – each level of this skill increases the maximum level of health of the character. After reaching level 4, your character can choose a melee weapon specialty. Fights intensify when you kill zombies with melee weapons.

  • Shooting – This skill determines the character’s skills with firearms. Higher levels reduce recoil and improve accuracy. After reaching level 4, your character can choose the specialty of their firearms. Shooting increases when you kill zombies with firearms.

  • Wits – This ability increases your ability to find containers, chests, and other places where supplies can potentially be stored. Higher levels increase the speed and reduce the noise generated during the search. Wits is developed by collecting supplies.

After reaching the maximum level of this skill, you can choose one of two additional specialties that can significantly increase the abilities of this character. For example, when a scout reaches the maximum amount of intelligence, he gains the ability to search for containers faster.

Community and trade development

In addition to surviving the harsh world of State of Decay 2, players also need to create a thriving community that can take care of itself. You will meet lone survivors and even entire groups who somehow managed to survive. Some of them may join you, while others will need your help first, for example, you can add them to your community, saving them from danger. Remember not to risk the life of your currently controlled character if the mission done by the survivor requires a different set of skills. Here it is better to return to your base and prepare yourself – you do not want to lose new potential companions even before they join your community.

It’s also worth mentioning that the rescued characters can offer you various items that you can buy from them. You can also sell useless items to them. Some characters may even have items that can be very useful in their assigned missions, or they may have unique items that cannot be obtained in any other way.


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