State of Decay 2: How to promote a hero to leader

Promoting one of your community members to leader status is one of the main tasks in the early stages of State of Decay 2. Among the diverse composition of your community, you need to choose the most worthy for this role. The choice will affect the entire community, as the leader’s abilities allow you to get new unique buffs for the entire team. This is not the most difficult task, but many still have questions about it. Therefore, we decided to write this guide in which we will show you how to promote a hero to the leader in State of Decay 2.

How to promote a community member to a leader

In order to promote a community member to a leader, he must first become a hero. Only heroes can hold this high post. Just send them to complete tasks so that they gain experience, and over time they will reach the desired status. Once you have at least one suitable character, you can level it up.

Open the community tab in the menu, and you will see an empty space in the middle, indicated by a yellow glow with a golden eagle in the middle. Highlight this place and press A on the joystick or space on the keyboard. After that, you will see a dialogue with a list of all your heroes. You will be able to see all their perks and skills, as well as find out exactly what improvements they will give to the community if they are selected. After a comprehensive analysis, you will be able to appoint the most suitable one. Some of the characters can improve your attacking or defensive capabilities, while others affect the production of resources at the base.

How to change leader

There is no convenient way to change the leader, so make sure you choose the right one in advance. If you really need to change your community leader, you will have to get rid of him. You can switch to him and send him on a suicide mission, or exile him in the community menu. In doing so, you will lose a well-pumped team member, so think twice before you decide on such an act.


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