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State of Decay 2: Vehicle customization and modification

In State of Decay 2, you can customize and improve your car. Improvements can turn ordinary cars, minibuses and pickup trucks into real killing machines escaping from the depths of Hell. As you already understood, an improved car makes life a lot easier in the game. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at how to improve and modify your vehicle in State of Decay 2.

How to upgrade a car in State of Decay 2?

In order to upgrade a car in State of Decay 2, you will need the appropriate special kit. But before that, you need to know a few important details. First of all, the car must be in a special parking lot. Secondly, you will need someone well versed in auto mechanics at the base. In the ordinary life of an outpost, this does not bring much benefit, but it is simply necessary to upgrade a car. In addition, you will need to build an auto repair shop in your camp.

Where can I find a special car upgrade kit in State of Decay 2?

Vehicle Upgrade Kits in State of Decay 2 can be found at some vendors in the game’s open world. However, there are quite a few of them, and they are at a fairly large distance from each other. Therefore, your most reliable supplier of such kits will be an automotive engineer who works in your auto repair shop. That is why we mentioned it in the second paragraph in the block about improving the car. Simply put, the best choice for getting a State of Decay 2 car upgrade kit is to make it yourself.

Once you’ve decided to craft a vehicle upgrade kit, make sure your vehicle to be upgraded is in your base’s parking area. Then use the kit to turn your ordinary car into a real monster of the Apocalypse. Choose carefully and wisely, as it is very difficult to get upgrade kits.


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