Static adventure The Wild Case released on smartphones, saving the village from animals

The Wild Case is a quest without the arcade “hidden object”. Actions come down to finding individual items and using them for promotion. According to the plot, we receive a letter from the village, we are asked to deal with the appearance of red-eyed animals that terrorize the village. Locations are static drawings with NPCs and items. There are no difficult puzzles, the gameplay is straightforward.

Often, the characters will be asked to do a favor so that they give the item needed for the plot. Everything found is stored in the inventory, there is also a notebook with current tasks and a map. The world itself is small, but you have to “wander” a lot. The developers promise to meet with hermits and witches, we will have to decide who is the enemy and who is the friend.

The Wild Case is available on iOS, Android and PC. This is a shareware project with in-game purchases. There is Russian localization, but the age rating is “12+”. A demo is available on Steam.

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