Station 117 is running out of toilet paper

Station 117 is a mobile game released by publisher Glitch Games. It specializes in first-person puzzles where the player explores locations, finds items, clues, and combines them all to advance the story.

This time at Station 117 you will play as billionaire Franklin Gates, who mysteriously stumbles upon “Station 117”. He needs to find out where all the people have disappeared, he will do this using audio logs and notes left behind, just like in the classic System Shock.

Station 117 is a premium game, so there are no in-app purchases. The developers have also added camera functionwhich allows you to take in-game snapshots so you don’t have to run back and forth every time you forget part of the clue.

I am glad that 9 save slots and an auto-save feature were added to Station 117. This means that you, your friends and family members can play this game separately from each other.

By the way, in the game itself, one of the characters will say that there was a severe shortage of toilet paper at Station 117. With what it can be connected?

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