Steam has a new MMORPG page where you can earn real money

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A page of a free Sci-Fi sandbox MMORPG called Virtuverse has recently appeared on Steam, but it will not be possible to play the game through the Valve platform at the moment. The project will start only in the fourth quarter of 2021, but everyone will be able to try the new product in a month, when the test for everyone will begin. The early version client can be downloaded from the official website.

Among the main features of Virtuverse, the developers highlight the rich functions, such as character creation, travel across the galaxy, crafting, battles with creatures or hostile players. They promise no class restrictions and the ability to use any item at once. Users can also build houses and entire cities, trade in created things.

Moreover, trading is carried out for the Aether cryptocurrency, which is later allowed to be converted into real money. However, you should be on your guard with this, because by creating an item or buying it for “real money”, the player can be attacked and robbed. Thus, profit and loss in the game are closely related.

Below you can watch the latest trailer for the game from March 2021:

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