Storia officially launched in China on Android

Tower defense Storia appeared in China. It can be downloaded via Chinese Tap Tap.

Starting August 11th, mobile gamers can play Storia, an anime project with simple gameplay where you form a group of waifu and complete missions. The plot is revealed through text dialogues in the format of a visual novel, and since the English language is not confirmed, you will have to read the hieroglyphs. The gameplay is simple – you place your chans in positions and watch how they automatically prevent enemy waves from reaching the portal; of course, they can be helped by using spells.

New characters in Storia are knocked out through the gacha system, and the developers give only 1 free spin, which is very little. The leveling of heroes takes place with one tap, for this you need gold and materials that you collect for the victory. As for the iOS version of Storia, it’s “coming soon” according to TapTap. Android gamers can still level up, join guilds and participate in PvP.

How to install Story?

  • Downloading game;
  • Choose to sign in to your account;

  • Select user registration;

  • We agree with the usage policy, we get random account data (they can be changed);

  • We agree with the entered data;

  • We pass identification by name and ID Chinese;

  • Registration successful, you are in the main lobby of the game.

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