Strategy Road to Valor: Empires launched on iOS and Android

The game Road to Valor: Empires was released on the App Store and Google Play around the world. In fact, this is Clash of Clans, only with a medieval theme.

Road to Valor: Empires is a mobile project that is available on iOS and Android. It has vertical gameplay with the need to create a deck of cards with archers, swordsmen, cavalry and other types of medieval troops. The gameplay is focused on PvP – opponents spend action points and release warriors that automatically run to the opponent’s castle.

There are currently 3 nations in Road to Valor: Empires: Romans, Persians and Vikings. The developers promise 60 different combinations of units and real-time combat. In order to constantly win, you need to spend the earned gold on pumping troops. An equally important role is played by the commander, who may be the legendary Beowulf. Such characters are called “Defenders”, they give buffs to other units and have unique cards.

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