Stream The Legend of Neverland – Looking at a new MMORPG similar to Genshin Impact

This morning, the release of the mobile MMORPG The Legend of Neverland, made in the style of anime, took place. The Legend of Neverland is a mobile MMORPG that borrows some of the Genshin Impact mechanics. In the game, you can collect various characters and switch between them right during the battle. It is also possible to complete quests, go through dungeons and participate in peaceful activities such as fishing, catching insects, cooking and resource extraction.

We invite you to the live broadcast, which will begin today, July 1, at 18:00 Moscow time, and will take place on the official YouTube channel of the portal. As always, let’s look at the gameplay, chat and just have a nice time.

Почти как Gensin Impact, но MMORPG ➤ Стрим-обзор The Legend of Neverland

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