Strive and the complete list of English voice actors

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Studio Arc System Works has unveiled a story trailer for the upcoming fighting game Guilty Gear: Strive. It showcases many of the key characters in the main story, including those who will be allowed to play. You can also appreciate the English voice acting, which will appear for the first time in the series.

Along with this, a complete list of English voice actors was announced, who will give voices to all the characters in the game participating in the plot:

  • Saul Badguy (voiced by David Forset)
  • Zato-1 (voiced by Matthew Mercer)
  • Chipp Zanuff (voiced by Ed Bosco)
  • Nagoriyuki (voiced by Evan Michael Lee)
  • Anji Mito (voiced by Kae Min)
  • Leo Whitefang (voiced by Jamison Price)
  • Kai Kiske (voiced by Sean Chiplock)
  • Potemkin (voiced by Armen Taylor)
  • Axel Lowe (voiced by Alexander Gross)
  • Vernon (voiced by Anthony Alaby)
  • Faust (voiced by Kaiji Tan)
  • May (voiced by Eden Rigel)
  • I-No (voiced by Amber Lee Connors)
  • Millia Rage (voiced by Tara Platt)
  • Giovanna (voiced by Lilimar)
  • Ramlethal Valentine (voiced by Laura Stahl)
  • Asuka (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince)
  • Gabrielle (voiced by Richard Epcar)
  • Aria (voiced by Nicole Tompkins)
  • Erica (voiced by Sara Williams)
  • Goldlewis (voiced by Steve Barr)

The release of Guilty Gear: Strive will take place on June 11 on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and owners of the Deluxe and Ultimate editions will be able to start playing three days early.

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