Sumire will show a day in the life of a Japanese village

Indie game Sumire is out on iOS, pre-registration is available for Android. This is a premium project with a price tag of 549 rubles.

Sumire is an interactive adventure where we play as a sad girl named Sumire. She meets a mischievous spirit who offers to fulfill all wishes. But first you need to complete several tasks and before the end of the day. Together with Sumire, we will carry out large and small tasks for forest animals and colorful local residents. You can refuse at any time, but if you miss the chance, something irreparable will happen.

Sumire is currently available on iOS and Nintendo Switch, but there is no release information on Google Play. Probably because of this whole missed moment theme, we will be able to replay the game, but won’t it get boring? The publisher is GameTomo, this is the debut project of this company. By the way, in addition to dialogues and changing locations, the developers promise collectible items, mini-games and tests for your skills.

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