Summer Game Fest 2021 reveals The Anacrusis, a Left 4 Dead-style co-op shooter

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Remember Back 4 Blood? This is a cooperative shooter from the developers of the legendary Left 4 Dead series. So, now the guys from the Stray Bombay studio are making their own alternative to L4D, its name is The Anacrusis. Together with your friends, you will clear the Anacrusis ship from aliens. They are of different types: there is just “cannon fodder”, but there are huge mutants. The developers promise many types of weapons and perks that significantly change the play style. At the start of the level, you can pick up a weapon that will completely change tactics. And what you took at the start will come back to haunt during the passage.

We may also see randomly generated maps and events. Four people participate in one match. The local setting is retro futurism. The game was announced at the Summer Game Fest 2021 conference.

The Anacrusis will be released on PC, Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in late 2021. This will be the first episode; developers want to test part of the project, but you can also endlessly stick to local maps.

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