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The Galaxy A line was already very important for Samsung last year, as it accounted for most of the sales of smartphones in quantitative terms.

This year, the influence of this line has become even greater, as the flagship Galaxy S20 sells much worse than their predecessors, and in general, due to the pandemic, people are in no hurry to buy expensive smartphones. For example, the Galaxy A51 was the company’s top-selling smartphone in the first quarter.

Super popular Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones may receive three-year Android update support
Galaxy A51

It is in the Galaxy A line that Samsung often implements some technologies for the first time. And not just technology. According to the source, the older models of the line may soon gain another significant advantage over many competitors.

We are talking about three years of support for operating system updates. Let’s clarify: we mean exactly the release of new versions of Android on this or that smartphone within three years instead of the current two. Until a decision has been made, the company is evaluating the hardware capabilities of the devices. At the same time, if a decision is made, it may affect not only those smartphones that will be released after its adoption, but also those that have already been released earlier. For example, the source mentions the Galaxy A90 model.

Let us remind you that Samsung announced this approach to flagship products a week ago. It remains to be hoped that this decision will also be made regarding the Galaxy A line, albeit only for its part. 

Source: TizenHelp

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