Super String lets you cook scrambled eggs on your smartphone

Pearl Abyss, a subsidiary of Black Desert creators, has released a global version of Super String. Only you can be left without a smartphone.

Super String is an RPG straight from South Korea. In it, you need to collect a squad of characters with gas masks, pink hair, and so on. Now a global version of this project has appeared on smartphones, and it involves heroes from different “webtoons”, that is, online comics. Super String was developed by the publisher’s daughter Pearl Abyss, but even that did not save the project.

The fact is that Super String offers 3D graphics with mediocre special effects. Coupled with poor optimization at the time of this writing, the project has 1 out of 5 stars on Google Play. One of the users complains that the game heats up the smartphone very much and quickly drains the battery. At the same time, for donation, you can safely pay 6 699 rubles… If you still manage to play, you will have a story campaign, raids, an abyss and PvP in real time.

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