Super String Pre-Registration Open: Korean Turn-Based Battles & Gacha

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Super String is a mobile RPG. Here’s a post-apocalyptic setting. The game is preparing for a trial launch in Southeast Asia. In honor of this, pre-registration for both platforms began. Here are the normal graphics for smartphones. There are typical Asian characters with white hair and a gas mask on their face. The battles are turn-based, while we can choose the action of the hero. The attacks are stylish, at the very beginning they will give you a fight with the boss.

In general, local battles resemble a typical anime. The battles are protracted, there are cut-scenes. At one point, there will be an explosion of one planet (small spoiler). Here you need to pump characters, as well as collect rare heroes (gacha). In total, Super String has more than 100 popular characters from the blockbuster of the same name. From the modes, raids, abyss and real-time PvP are available.

Super String will be released on iOS and Android. This is a shareware project with all that it implies. No release date, there will probably be a trial launch in Southeast Asia first. Pre-registration is available via TapTap

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