Survival Journals download torrent For PC

Survival Journals download torrent

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Survival Journals download torrent of an exciting arcade adventure game with an interesting and very unusual storytelling style. The player will have to constantly make critical decisions in order to keep moving and fighting for his life. You must fortify your own shelter and resist zombies, mutants, monsters and various undead representing the dark force. Protect yourself by preparing your shelter properly. Replenish your food and drink supplies to face the enemies and calmly wait out the enemy wave.

Game process

Survival Journals is a casual RPG with text-based storytelling, which is quite unusual, especially these days. Zombies and other monsters will be your enemies. You must fight them and try to destroy them, to resist on different fronts. They will all attack in certain waves, as warned in advance. During this time, while they have not yet attacked you, you can build a bunch of barricades, build fences, huge kuchugurs, so that the enemies do not break through and grab you. Upgrade your hideout every time an attack is planned. Moreover, you cannot attack enemies, you only have to wait for their offensive, and then fight them. Don’t let them get too close, because you won’t have time to hide and build another reinforcing wall of the mansion. It is you yourself who are the protagonist of this magnificent, but very terrible competition, not for life, but for death. Text adventure game at your service. It has a pretty nice interface, beautiful graphics and good detail. The absence of videos makes the game dynamic and quite creative. However, absolutely everything in the game plan depends on your participation. Don’t forget about replay value. There are a lot of finals here that you should definitely see. Moreover, the path to them is completely different and always varies. Each of your new attempts is unique and special. You influence (both text and actions) on all events taking place in the game. Make a decision only if you think well, because you can’t turn everything back.

Features Survival Journals

  • great arcade;
  • role-playing story;
  • constant zombie attacks;
  • modernization, improvement of the shelter;
  • creative style;
  • quality gameplay;
  • good drawing.

Download the Survival Journals torrent and enjoy the awesome gameplay.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Video card: integrated
  • Hard Disk Memory: 250MB


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