Survival simulator LOST in Blue can already be played on Android, but is it worth it?

LOST in Blue is an isometric survival game on a desert island. According to the plot, a ship wreck occurs, on the island wreckage of an aircraft is scattered everywhere. Almost immediately, we come across a bunch of zombies, which in appearance resemble the guys from The Last of Us. There are no voiced dialogues, you need to monitor the level of hunger and thirst. Zombies appear in front of your eyes, the calm soundtrack does not match the situation. There is a change of day and night, so one of the tasks is to build a camp.

The locations are diverse: jungle, rivers, glacier, volcano and wasteland. Players will have to figure out why everything is so “strange” around. The graphics in the game are relative, the gameplay resembles Last Day on Earth and similar projects. The character completes quests, collects daily rewards and collects materials.

LOST in Blue can be downloaded at TapTap… This is a shareware project with microtransactions. On Google Play, at the time of writing the news, only pre-registration is possible.

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