Tactic Slasher early access started with a map like Slay the Spire

The turn-based strategy Tactic Slasher is out on smartphones in early access. Despite the general nondescriptness, it even has elements similar to Slay the Spire. But what can you expect from developers who “hammer” on their previous projects? We look.

Tactic Slasher has appeared on Google Play in Early Access, but so far it has little surprise. This is a turn-based strategy where our hero deals with the same type of opponents in a small arena. There is no special action, we just move and sometimes use abilities. The basis of the gameplay is the destruction of waves of enemies, the boss and opening the chest at the end. Of the tactical elements, two characteristics can be noted: health and energy. It depends on this how much damage you inflict and whether you can do it at all.

To win Tactic Slasher, you need to create a deck of 10 cards. They are divided into three types: basic attack, pierce, and grenade. By the way, we are advancing to the boss on a map that will please Slay the Spire fans. Somewhere a strong adversary, an unknown threat or a treasure chest awaits.

While the project is only available on Android, it may appear in the App Store after early access. As for the publisher, I, Viking players complain about Saber Interactive. They say that moderators ban “unwanted” in it, online is constantly falling, the economy is broken, and the phone heats up in 5 minutes, although this was not the case before.

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