Taiwan court acquits toxic gambler because he insulted fictional character

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According to numerous Taiwanese media reports, the Kaohsiung District Court tried the toxic behavior case in favor of the defendant. The judge pointed out that the insults and name-calling were aimed at a fictional character, and not a real person, so it was decided to refuse to satisfy the plaintiff’s claims.

The story began on May 22, when a defendant named Lai (賴) played Lineage M on his mobile phone as a character with the nickname “Minion Fish Butcher”. There he got into an argument with “KGB Pretty Girl”, who turned out to be a girl named Pan (潘). In a fit of emotion, Lai typed numerous offensive messages in the general chat to Pan of the following character: “Are you an idiot?” and “You fucking dog.”

After that, “KGB Pretty Girl” took screenshots and filed a legal complaint against the player. The lawsuit stated that Lai publicly defamed a person in a game where there are 70,000 concurrent users online.

However, the court sided with the defendant, who claimed that he was sending messages to the character of “KGB Pretty Girl” and not to the girl herself. He also emphasized the lack of knowledge of the identity of the plaintiff, his age or gender. So it was not public slander.

The full court’s acquittal is: “Since it is not known for certain that ‘KGB Pretty Girl’ is associated with Pan, this is not the same as a person verbally abusing someone on a public street.”

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