Tank Company Mobile Guide: Nations, Tank Branches and Crew

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The CBT Tank Company started in China. If you cannot download the project or log in, then the instructions are in this news. There you will also find out until what date the closed beta test will take place. There is no access for iOS yet, although some insiders say otherwise. Now let’s see what the game is like: what are the nations, branches, and is it really a World of Tanks Blitz killer?


Apparently, NetEase Games decided to go the simplest way: to make nations look like their real prototypes, but change their flags to avoid criticism. We now have:

  • Pseudo-USSR, light T-26
  • Fake Germany, most likely a light Panzer II.
  • Fake USA Light M2.


Here NetEase also decided not to bother and added some icons straight from World of Tanks. If we talk about the levels of tanks, then there are a maximum of eight. By icons:

  • Filled diamond – light tanks
  • Single Stripe Diamond – Medium Tanks
  • Diamond with two stripes – heavy tanks
  • Triangle – tank destroyer
  • Square – SPG

In addition to regular tanks, each of the three nations has gold or “premium tanks”. In general, you can see the word VIP in the main menu, so it gets scary from the local donation.


The gameplay continues the tradition: it is a direct copy of WoT Blitz. We start with a team of other tanks and rush to capture territory. The controls are responsive, the tank itself keeps aiming at the enemy. If you are “spotted”, then a lit lamp will appear in the center of the screen. From my notes: on a light tank it is better not to try to hit an enemy tank, especially if you do not know its weak points. By the way, we did not tell you this, but they want to introduce two new modes into the game: Gravity and Hide and Seek (thanks public for info). Again, hello Wargaming.

Before the battle, ammunition is purchased for the tank, which can only frighten the crows if purchased for silver. There are also the usual compartments for additional. items: first aid kits, fire extinguishers and so on. The training is a little intrusive, although you can skip a couple of moments.


When transferring to a new tank, your task is to take care of the crew. You will be immediately offered to pay the money if you do not want to pump the guys with 50%. For the maximum level, you will probably have to shell out some real money. In addition, each member of the squad is pumped separately. Thus, you can customize the crew for yourself. Different tanks will have different numbers of people.

In general, NetEase Games decided to fight back WoT Blitz, but most likely only in China. This is not the publisher’s first project about mobile tanks, so history may repeat itself. No “killer” features were noticed.

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