NetEase Games is working on the tank arcade Tank Company Mobile. If you are familiar with World of Tanks Blitz, then the general concept is straightforward: players of 15 tanks from each side sort things out in different locations. In December, I passed the alpha test, and many were satisfied with what they saw; some even say that the game will be a real competitor to the brainchild of Wargaming.

In March, CBT should take place (according to the Chinese testers), where both mobile platforms will participate. To apply, go to the link (be careful, Chinese). If you have an Android smartphone, then you need to select it from the list or drive in the model manually. Next, we indicate how often you play and your age in which tank projects you previously participated. The most interesting thing is that you need to specify your ID in TapTap. The gameplay in Tank Company Mobile is similar to what we see in WoT Blitz: light, medium, heavy tanks, as well as annoying artillery.

Tank Company Mobile will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with all the consequences. You can check the availability of the game in TapTap. The official release is expected in the summer, but the official announcement from NetEase Games is worth waiting for. You shouldn’t expect Russian localization on CBT.

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