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Tank Company Mobile to test run next week

Tank Company Mobile has long been going to be released worldwide. Now we know the exact date.

Tankers, mark September 15 in red on your calendar, because on this day the “soft launch” of Tank Company Mobile will begin. This was announced by the community manager of the project, without specifying the platform and where the servers will be located. But nothing, because insiders have already unearthed information – the game will be launched in the CIS and Europe, while there is no exact list of countries, so you need to “follow the news. If you are not from these regions, then subscribe – we will get the necessary file and add instructions.

After the division of World of Tanks Blitz into the CIS and “everyone else”, the game has less and less chance to compete with the new Chinese franchise, which is adding more and more content; You can read more about this in a previous article.

We assume that there will be no iOS version, although there is hope for a client for TestFlight. In general, before that, the developers did not throw words into the wind, although from their words it was expected that the beta test in the United States would be the first. Well, Southeast Asia will be able to play with everyone after the official release.

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