Tencent Announces Hardcore Loot-Shooter Arena Breakout For Smartphones, What’s Known?

Remember Lost Light? This is a shooter looter developed by NetEase Games. So, the Chinese publisher Tencent Mobile decided to keep up and announced Arena Breakout during the presentation of ChinaJoy 2021. The name is working and it was simply translated from Chinese. So far, we have a small teaser with concept art, it can be seen from them that the gameplay will take place in gloomy and abandoned cities. Your task is to lose the battlefield and escape successfully.

We are promised a hardcore first-person shooter with dynamic gameplay and weapon customization. For the heat of passion, they will make it so that if you are killed, then you lose everything. Well, if this does not surprise you, then the character has 12 parameters, among them: pain, hunger and limb injury. In general, everything that we expect from Lost Light.

Arena Breakout will be released on iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with all that it implies. The first beta test will begin on August 12th in China. Pre-registration can be done through TapTap… It is not yet known if we will see a global release.

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