Tencent bought out 3.8% of Remedy Entertainment, should you be upset?

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Tencent loves to invest in big game studios. Earlier we talked about Klei Entertainment (developers of Don’t Starve). Plus, the Chinese corporation holds Riot Games and Epic Games under it: Tencent owns 100% of Riot and 40% of Epic. This is if you believe Cybersport… Now it’s Remedy Entertainment’s turn. These guys are famous for Alan Wake and Control. The deal is not the largest – Tencent now owns 3.8% of Remedy.

The head of Remedy said the deal was between Accendo Capital and Tencent (Accendo holds 14% of Remedy). And it seems like the Chinese corporation is not going to interfere in the commercial affairs of Remedy. At the same time, we should expect that Tencent will want, for example, to publish future Remedy games in the Middle Kingdom (remember Klei and Don’t Starve, which is popular among Chinese gamers). In general, this deal does not pose any threat.

Last August, we learned that Tencent makes more money than Nintendo and Microsoft combined. US officials are now checking how Epic and Riot store user data. If violations are found, Tencent will be obliged to sell their stake.

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