Tencent Launches PTA MMORPG Chimeraland In Canada And The Philippines, Watching Gameplay

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Chimeraland is a mobile MMORPG with Chinese mythology. We talked about it in detail here. We previously expected Tencent to initiate a CBT for this project, which is what happened. At the start, we fall from the sky into a small settlement. There you can also take a task from an NPC without even approaching them. English was brought to the beta test, because this time players from Canada and the Philippines are participating in it. The interface is not cluttered, although the inventory looks square and rectangular.

Weather conditions have been added to the game, for example, rain is falling from the sky, and lightning flashes in the distance. If the character freezes, he will begin to tremble and rub his body with his hands. Typical oriental music plays in the background. There are no players around, the locations can be called empty. At first, there is no auto-run, but the battles with bosses are carried out automatically, we just choose an action: continue to attack or heal.

Chimeraland can be downloaded on iOS and Android, but this only applies to the Chinese version. For the second platform use TapTap

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