Tencent released HUTAORIJI: Emoji Girl Menhera in China, how to download?

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Tencent Mobile is engaged in several games at the same time: Alchemy Stars, Undawn survival, mobile MMORPG The Legend of Qin, and so on. We have now learned that these Chinese guys have released a cute game HUTAORIJI: Emoji Girl Menhera. Here we play as the cute anime girl Menhera. This is a subculture in Japan that has managed to penetrate art and even fashion. The fact is that if a person looks good, dresses neatly, then everything is fine with him. The Menhera subculture, on the contrary, shows cute and “normal”-looking people who have health problems, strange interests and negative thoughts. Menhera fans often wear oversized outerwear, patches and various medical accessories.

In HUTAORIJI: Emoji Girl Menhera, we do not play as the girl Menhera herself, but as if we are from the side, we fill her refrigerator, evaluate her drawings, and so on. Sometimes she opens boxes with plush pandas, enjoys life and screams “kawaii”. Sometimes you need to collect small puzzles.

HUTAORIJI: Emoji Girl Menhera is now available on iOS and Android. The release took place in China, nothing is known about the global version. To download, go to TapTap; there we download the version for the required platform. It is worth noting that you need a QQ or WeChat account to enter the game.

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