Tencent Teases PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 Content, Metro Royale Temporarily Removed From Game

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Only PUBG Mobile has added the Karakin map with new features, as Tencent is already teasing new content for patch 1.4. The Chinese corporation did it in the form of an image. On it you can see a new map for the “team deathmatch” mode. In terms of the setting, it resembles cyberpunk. Next comes the long-awaited collaboration with Gorilla and Kong; the event is called “The Last Frontier”. Next, we should wait for an update for the Vikendi map. In addition, Tencent is going to rework the Metro Royale mode. For this, the mode will be temporarily removed. The official version of the regime will appear at the end of 2021; there will be more “elements and content”.

A certain round device remains in question. It resembles a portal, only small for PUBG Mobile models. The picture shows us that you can run there, only where will the player find himself? Perhaps this theme is tied to the event with Godzilla and Kong.

The giant lizard and monkey event starts on May 11th. King Kong footprints can be found on the Sanhok map.

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