Tencent’s Alchemy Star has 1 million pre-registrations, are Arknights getting scared?

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Alchemy Star RPG Developers Announced Through Twitter account that their game has crossed the mark of 1 million pre-registrations. Because of this, at the start of the servers, everyone will receive in-game currency and “special furniture”. It will be an isometric RPG with strategy elements. Gamers gather a group of characters from different factions and go to fight (gacha). Each character will have their own character, motives and behavior.

In the story, evil creatures under the command of a mystical organization invade the local world. Almost everyone died except us. Tencent promises a “revolutionary RPG” that will raise the bar for the genre. Also the voice acting will be top-notch. For the lazy, you can turn off the auto-mode. Watch out, Arknights!

Alchemy Star will be released on iOS and Android. Pre-registration can be done through official site and digital stores. For the first method, players will be given a 5-star character Robin. The release is expected on June 17, 2021, according to the App Store. There will be no Russian localization.

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