Tencent’s Alchemy Stars Release Date and Pre-Registration Opened

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In early April, we talked about the fact that someday the turn-based gacha Alchemy Stars will be released around the world. It turns out that we are getting closer to a global release: the expected release date of the game has appeared in digital markets. It is being developed by Tencent with the promise of “revolutionizing the RPG world.” The tactics of the battle are varied: you can stand on separate cells to activate traps that will damage the enemy. The developers also talk about the territories controlled by the guilds, as well as about the black market.

Also, to gain an advantage during the battle, you need to perform combo attacks. A certain “light” is associated with them, which can cross several cells in one move. Probably these are the abilities of our waifu. The damage done to the enemy depends on this. In general, there are four elements in the game: fire, water, forest and thunder. Their pros and cons are calculated according to the “Rock, paper, scissors” system.

Alchemy Stars: Aurora Blast will be released on June 17th for iOS and Android. It will be a shareware project with microtransactions.

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