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The famous inventor Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla) with a shotgun in his hand shoots the monsters and helps him to HP Lovecraft (Howard Lovecraft), Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie (Marie Curie) and the author of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley (Mary Shelley). What is this, a figment of a sick imagination? No, a new game from the authors of Crimsonland.

Comrades are on the right path.

Studio 10tons released the original “twin-stick shooter” Crimsonland as early as 17 years ago, after which the game acquired almost a cult status. In 2014, a remaster was released on Steam, but we did not wait for a full-fledged sequel. Nevertheless, 10tons is loyal to the cause of killer bloody top-down shooters. Undead HordeNeon ChromeGydgeXenoraidTime Recoil – the studio has devoured a whole flock of them.

And two years ago, with the release of Tesla vs. Lovecraft, the developers have launched a new line of bouncy twin-stick shooters set in the Cthulhu mythical universe and featuring guest stars. Nikola Tesla fought against the “monstrous servants of Lovecraft” and, for this, periodically jumped into a combat robot and bought all sorts of improvements.

In Tesla Force, the action mechanics itself has largely remained the same – the robot is in place and instantly teleports through obstacles and opponents, and the purchase of upgrades. It is now a more ambitious and non-linear project, which has also become a “roguelike.”

Alone go into battle nerds.

It is also important that here now, as I said, not one, but four playable characters. Tesla, Lovecraft (who is no longer an enemy, but an ally), Mary Shelley (she, if anything, wrote the novel “Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus”), and the eminent scientist Marie Curie united the need to protect humanity from monsters from the borders of reality. Something there Tesla again confused or provoked, but not the point.

In single-player mode, characters open up gradually, and before each new race, you need to choose who to play for. But there is also a cooperative for four heroes at once.

All of them, of course, differ from each other. For example, Maria Curie has a lower health and speed than Tesla, but she can shoot pistols with two hands by default.

Having decided who to play for, we go to the map and select missions. As in Tesla vs. Lovecraft, they occur in Arenas, but now there are many more options for tasks. You need to destroy three statues, somewhere – to protect important points, collect eight parts and fix the object, somewhere – to hold out for a while data is retrieved, and so on. Plus battles with elite opponents and bosses.

Everything that is acquired by back-breaking labor

After completing the mission, they are given a choice of useful perk – for example, an increase in fire rate, a 15 percent chance to avoid damage, or triple damage from every tenth shot. Closer to the boss, random events appear with specific rewards. They also give to go to the store to buy improvements for the collected crystals and energy cells.

Thus, skills and bonuses are accumulated during the race. But once you lose – and that’s it, we return to the base, and the upgrades are reset. Then you can choose another (or the same) character and start a new attempt to reach the boss and move to the next region (there are three of them).

In this case, missions will be generated and scattered around the map again, although in general, it still turns out about the same. It’s just that in one case, it will turn out that several missions of the same type will come across in a row, and in the other, the path will be more varied. And each time, we decide for ourselves which tasks to avoid. Or, conversely, when to go on a rampage for the sake of cool awards.

But there are also ways to get improvements that will carry over from one race to the next. We buy them at the base between missions for the crystals already mentioned so that next time we can start the passage, say, right away with a shotgun in our hands and with a 20% bonus to damage. There is also a research system that, for example, increases the chance of getting useful loot.

TESLA FORCE: Nuclear Shooter

However, the enemies do not sit still. As we fight and complete missions, the cultists prepare their dark rituals. The dial was full; the ritual was performed – the Doom level increased. This means that the monsters have become stronger and faster.

Although even without this, the opponents, to put it mildly, do not allow to relax. They attack in huge crowds, a cane from all sides. And then, with tentacles, someone hits us on the head, and elite monsters appear. The teleporter helps a lot in this situation, which can be improved to deal damage and recharge faster. But this is not a panacea either.

Initially, we land on a level in a combat robot, but soon it scatters to pieces, and then we need to run around the map and collect them from jumping into the cockpit again. This is very important because the mech machine guns mowing everyone around is a serious argument that can easily turn the situation around and help out when, it would seem, we are already covered. Also, you need to pick up incendiary cartridges, traps, mines, one-time skills, time delayers, and even nuclear bombs that fall out of enemies.

Although, as it should be in the “bagels,” there is really how lucky. It happens that a lot of interesting things immediately drop out, and even a box with a new gun appears somewhere. Another time you run around the level for a long time with one pistol available by default.

TESLA FORCE: Conclusion

It turned out to be fun and exciting – the operation of crossing a roguelike and a typical twin-stick shooter was quite a success. And the presence of different heroes and the abundance of all kinds of upgrades went to the game only good. Of course, there are moments of boring and monotony when you often have to complete the same missions with the same character to gain access to new opportunities finally. But here a lot depends not only on luck, but also on one’s skill.

Pros: juicy, explosive, and addictive action; many types of upgrades, weapons, and skills; mission options are much more than in previous games; bright picture; driving music.

Cons: Levels can seem small, and missions are too repetitive. 

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