Want to play detective? The Hello Neighbor 2 developers are sure that they have released their game on iOS and PC. Her requirements are not high, and now you can try the game absolutely free of charge, which we actually did. Since the game is a sequel, the developers apparently decided not to add training missions and not acquaint us with the interface – loyal fans already know everything, and beginners will probably be happy to explore all the possibilities on their own.

The gameplay of the game resembles a three-dimensional version of the How to Get a Neighbor franchise – in fact. We have to avoid meeting with the antagonist, sneak behind him, collect the necessary items, and get to the truth. Only the “failure” of the task has little effect – the antagonist will throw the protagonist out of his territory and go about his business.

Also, it is not very clear why the developers give players a huge territory at the very beginning, if it is almost impossible to use it in any way. It is possible that the early version is still too raw and just not ready.

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