The adventures of Lieutenant Rzhevsky flew to smartphones, the classics are immortal

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Publisher Buka is famous for its “Russian quests”, which were popular in the 2000s. Many people remember the series “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich”, which gradually migrated to smartphones. Now it has come to the most bearded anecdotes with Lieutenant Rzhevsky: Russian quest and vulgarity are mixed in one game – The Adventures of Lieutenant Rzhevsky. This is a reissue of folk classics, only on mobile phones. We are promised colorful characters, illogical plot and jokes on the verge of shame.

Porting was handled by one programmer from Tomsk, who himself expressed a desire to port Rzhevsky to smartphones. The graphics were manually finished at 16: 9, unused hotspots and sound files were added; also, when you hover over active items, their name appears. They only warn that you can catch the Spanish shame from what is happening.

The adventures of Lieutenant Rzhevsky are already available on iOS and Android. This is a premium project, the price of the issue is 99 rubles… This creation weighs 12 MB.

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