The April patch for New World added new weapons, map checkpoints and player-to-player exchanges

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Amazon Games has released another major patch for MMORPG New World, which has introduced a large number of changes. You can find a complete list in English on the official website, and we will highlight only the most basic ones.

The game has a new magical weapon Ice Gauntlet (ice gloves), using the elemental power of ice. Its attack power depends on intelligence. Players will be able to progress through the two mastery trees, allowing for different uses of ice magic: focusing on damage or defense / control. The quest to obtain the legendary weapon Rimelash can be taken at level 60 from the Heatley ranger in the Great Cleave.

To stimulate PvP activity in the open world, the developers added the ability to fight for forts in territories outside the Wars. For each captured fort, all members of the factions receive various buffs, such as a decrease in the cost of fast travel, an increase in items when collecting, a decrease in trade taxes, an increase in the reward in the form of experience / gold, and so on.

Achievement system has been added that allows you to track and reward various player actions. In the April update, about 400 achievements were added, but there will be more in the future. Some of them are known in advance, while others are hidden. In the alpha phase, they were deliberately made lighter so that tester could complete them faster.

In addition, player-to-player trade has been added, allowing up to five items to be traded at the same time. To start trading, use the social action menu via chat or social menu. In this case, the players must be within 2 m from each other. There are blocking and confirmation stages.

Two new expeditions were introduced. In Lazarus Instrumentality, players must travel to a secret location that may contain a clue to the origins of the Ancient Guardians in order to defeat the monster Chardis. In Dynasty Shipyard, it is necessary to destroy the empress and her fleet of warships for the safety of Eternum and the entire world.

The April patch also introduced other changes. A new type of PvP missions have appeared, the progression system has been improved, the collection and crafting systems have been tweaked, the AI ​​has been improved, the balance has been improved, and much more.

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