The Ascent download torrent For PC

The Ascent download torrent For PC The Ascent download torrent For PC

The Ascent download torrent

RePack by FitGirl Size: 12.59 GB | Seeds: 628 Litchi6 54

The Ascent download torrent action role-playing shooter with a cyberpunk style. This is an exciting game with a lot of interesting tasks and excellent exciting storytelling. Fight with a large number of opponents, passing the game either alone or in cooperative mode. Can you survive in this ephemeral world? Try to show all your skills and take advantage of all the opportunities to destroy opponents and save your life.

Story line

Events unfold in a futuristic fictional world with elements of cyberpunk. The distant future has arrived. The world has completely changed and become different. All the inhabitants of the planet are supported by only one corporation, which has become a monopoly – Ascent Group. It is this company that rules the fictional world and all its participants, including you. The corporation owns everyone and everything around, but suddenly the screws began to crumble in its mechanism. It’s all the fault of the security system, which is out of order and is now a real threat to the life of all living beings. The protagonist got into a whirlpool of events along with other members of the corporation. Now the world is trying to capture various terrorist organizations, other companies that want to become monopolists in the market. You need to cope with this and survive in this evil futuristic world. Stop the invaders by dealing with them in different fields. Fight for a place under the sun, destroying various opponents and pumping the protagonist. Team up and help each other overcome obstacles. You must find out what really happened in the fictional world. Who became the culprit of such a celebration and what measures must be taken to survive. You can play the game alone or in co-op. Up to four players are allowed to participate at the same time. Fight opponents over the Internet, defeating enemies and upgrading characters. Friends will help you effectively and effectively deal with various opponents in different locations. Download The Ascent torrent if you want to enjoy your time.

Game process

Events unfold in a dystopian world in which the main character will constantly have to survive. In the game you will not be alone, as well as in cooperative mode. The only thing is that artificial intelligence will replace your friends there. Fight with a large number of monsters, robots, terrorists who want to take over this dystopian world. After the fall of the mega-corporation, all areas began to live in their own way, with their own laws and customs. It is necessary to fight against other areas and win, expanding the sphere of influence. Explore a huge world in order to find something interesting and valuable that will help pump the main character. Prevent all other corporations from winning. Create your own faction and upgrade it to the maximum. You must become the most powerful monopolist that controls the entire world around you. The game involves a large number of weapons and equipment. In addition to the fact that all this can be developed, it can also be crossed. And it turns out a very good and unusual means of combat. Upgrade your cyberware as you become one of the most powerful characters in the fictional world.


  • beautiful graphics;
  • futuristic world;
  • Science fiction;
  • interesting locations;
  • exploration of ephemeral territories;
  • expanding its influence;
  • creation of a team, guild;
  • cooperative passage;
  • pumping the main character, creating a character.

We recommend downloading The Ascent torrent to everyone.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K (4 * 3400) or equivalent / AMD FX-8350 (4 * 4000) or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Video card: GeForce GTX 660 (2048 MB) / Radeon R9 390X (8192 MB)
  • Disk space: 35 GB


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