The authors of Dual Universe posted a video with an overview of the innovations for the year

The developers of Dual Universe do not stand still and prove it not in word, but in deed. They posted on the YouTube channel a video demonstrating everything they have achieved in a year of being in beta.

And there are a lot of changes and innovations: from mining resources on asteroids and missions, to balancing shields in PvP and much more. There is also a separate demo of the best features such as automated mining factories and site maintenance.

Dual Universe is a sandbox MMORPG set in a multi-planet sci-fi world with politics, trade, wars and player-driven economies. Users can freely change the world, create structures, spaceships and orbital stations, empires and entire civilizations. It is worth noting that the game made it to our TOP 10 expected MMORPG games of 2022.

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