The authors of MMORPG Embers Adrift intend to conduct a stress test over the weekend

Developer Stormhaven Studios has announced a stress test in the MMORPG Embers Adrift from May 30 to May 1 inclusive, in order to test the performance and power of the servers.

It will be accompanied by a “Worldbreaker” event, allowing new players to roam freely and earn the title of the same name at the end. However, unfortunately, only those who have previously acquired access to the beta or participated in the alpha can take part in the stress test. You can still buy access through the official website and it costs $50.

Embers Adrift (Saga of Lucimia) is a serious group indie sandbox from people who have not forgotten the times when you needed the help of friends to level up, not fancy equipment. Getting into the world, players will be inhabited by unfriendly monsters that live in difficult forests and dungeons. And besides the elements typical for MMORPGs, such as pumping, crafting and quests, the project has a system of survival and a clear distribution of roles in the group.

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