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The authors of Odin: Valhalla Rising will spend 30.4 billion rubles on 3 games

Odin: Valhalla Rising is a mobile MMORPG from Korea. If you’ve heard of it, then you should know that it was developed by Lionheart Studios. This company wants to go public in a few months, that is, to sell its shares. Of course, to stir up the interest of potential investors, the Koreans talked about the three upcoming games; they will spend a total of 30.4 billion rubles for the entire development cycle.

The first game – Project C; it has been described as a collectible RPG set in the Odin: Valhalla Rising universe. Expect cartoonish graphics and a release in the second half of 2023 on both PC and smartphones.

Next comes Project Q – Open world MMORPG with no downloads. Her actions unfold in the original universe. The emphasis will be on large-scale PvP battles with a lot of action. Development is underway again on PC and smartphones, but Lionheart Studios doesn’t even have a rough release date. Last comes Project S, this is already a looter shooter on PC and console; it will have both story missions and co-op with PVP. The release is scheduled for 2024.

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