The “Battle of the Monsters” event has started in World Of Warships

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Wargaming has launched a new in-game event in the free online action game World Of Warships. The event was named “Battle of the Monsters” and is made in the theme of Germanic mythology.

In total, the activity is divided into four phases – one week for each. Before the start of each stage, you need to choose one of four teams: Welthund (huge black dog), Feuerputz (demon), Glühschwanz (dragon) or Lindwurm (spirit with the body of a snake and the head of a dragon).

Each side receives individual combat missions and their implementation will advance through the personal and team process. Objectives can be completed in random, cooperative and ranked battles on Tier V – X ships, and at the beginning of each stage, progress is reset. Only those who have reached the eighth level of access can participate in the event.

Participation rewards include unique patches, flags, commanders with 10 skill points, and a fresh temporary resource – Monster Tokens. The latter is exchanged in the Admiralty for all sorts of bonuses, including containers “Battle of Jutland” and “German destroyers”.

Also in update 0.10.4, the developers released a new collection with German destroyers and a story about these ships and the people who served on them. The collection has four sections with four elements each. Unlocking any of these grants a premium account as a reward and reveals a story element. After collecting the entire collection, you can get the Iron Cross permanent camouflage for the Gustav Julius Maerker (Tier VIII) and the event flag “German destroyers. Part 2″.

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