The beginning of a new adventure — Details of patch 6.1 for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV

On Letter from the Producer Live #69, MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida and Global Community Manager Toshio Murouchi revealed details of the upcoming 6.1 patch, Newfound Adventure, live. We have collected for you the most important from the broadcast and translated into Russian.

Pact 6.1

  • The release is currently scheduled for mid-April.
  • New quests of the main scenario – the beginning of a new chapter! The action takes place a few months after the end of Endwalker and is in some way a continuation of the story.
  • New side quests – Tataru’s Grand Endevour begins.
  • New Role Quests – An additional story will be available after completing all of the Endwalker role quests.
  • New tribe quests – Arcasodara tribe quests (for combat classes and professions). Players must complete two questlines in Tavnair that start with Steppe Child and What’s in a Parent.

1646660623 63 The beginning of a new adventure — Details of patch The beginning of a new adventure — Details of patch 6.1 for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV

  • Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures quest (patch 6.15).
  • Quest Omega: Beyond the Rift (patch 6.1x). Created to link the Omega Raid Series with the content of the 6.0 main scenario.
  • Improvements to A Realm Reborn main scenario quests.
  • New dungeon – [неизвестно].
  • New challenge – The Endsinger’s Aria.
  • New Unreal Challenge – Ultima’s Bane (Unreal).
  • New Alliance Raid – Myths of the Realm #1.

  • New Ultimate raid (patch 6.11) – Dragonsong’s Reprise. Masaki Nakagawa or “Mr. Ozma” designed this battle. He worked on a lot of content for Final Fantasy XIV, but put all his energy into this raid.

  • Job changes. Yoshida points out that large-scale changes are difficult when the Ultimate raid also comes out.
  • New PvP mode – Crystalline Conflict.
  • Adrenaline Rush PvP Ability and Skill Upgrades for each profession.
  • New reward system in PVP.
  • New custom shipments (patch 6.15) – Amelian Leveyer.

  • Lots in the Empyreum (housing in Ishgard) are open for purchase.
  • Adventurer’s Signs is a new profile feature, previously introduced as calling cards. Includes customizable character portraits with many features you can customize.
  • The Infinite Codex is a glossary of characters and terms up to patch 6.0. It is unlocked in the main scenario of patch 6.1 and added to your collection with new entries as you progress through the story. All characters and terms will not be available immediately.

  • Moving around data centers (patch 6.18).
  • Miscellaneous Updates – New Game+ improvements (patch 6.0 and part 6.1). Hrothgar’s new hairstyles. More glamor plates and places to use them, including shrines.
  • Ability to try on items from the Final Fantasy XIV online store using the Dream Fitting feature.
  • New idle animation with umbrella.
  • Mounts, Emotes, Fashion Accessories, and Modern Aesthetics are separate from the Miscellaneous section of the Message Board and can be filtered to only display items that have not yet been obtained. A flag will be displayed if an identical item has already been used.

A Realm Reborn main scenario improvements

  • The Duty Support system is a version of the Trust system that is specifically designed to perform the main tasks of the scenario. In the future, Trust will refer exclusively to the avatar leveling system.
  • Duty Support for A Realm Reborn (Patch 2.0 only) – 4-player dungeons and challenges related to the main scenario can be completed using NPCs. Characters will be automatically selected according to your role. The Adventurer’s Guild and Great Companies will join you in the 2.0 Dungeons. Players may also notice texture updates.
  • Duty Support for version 2.x and Heavensward will be added in future updates.
  • In patch 6.1 for Duty Support are available:

  • Major changes in Cape Westwind and later activities. Cape Westwind will be a solo battle instead of an 8-player challenge like it is now.
  • Haukke Manor has a teleport after the second boss, where you previously had to use the Return spell.
  • Castrum Meridianum will be a 4 player dungeon instead of an 8 player dungeon as it is now.
  • The Praetorium will become three separate activities. The Beginning of Guy’s Battle is a 4-player dungeon. Ultima Weapon is a 4-player challenge, while Lachabrea is a solo battle.
  • Changes in Main Scenario Roulette. The following quests are available: Castrum Meridianum, The Praetorium and Porta Decumana (4 player challenge). The developers plan to adjust the rewards received for Duty Roulette.
  • The team discussed the removal of Main Scenario Roulette, but the dungeons are still longer than normal dungeons and shorter than their previous versions.
  • Scions aren’t always easy to collect during your 2.0 journey, so they won’t spawn often in Duty Support compatible dungeons.

Journey to data centers

  • Players will be able to visit worlds from different data centers to participate in activities along with users of these data centers.
  • Tag will be displayed on player nameplates (Traveler).
  • Restrictions for the target data center. The same restrictions as for the World Visit system will apply. In addition, features such as Free Company chat, linkshell cross-world chat, and PvP teams are limited.
  • Linkshell cross-world chat is available as long as the specified CWLS exists within the logical data center. It will not be available when visiting another logical data center.
  • Starting with patch 6.2, it will be possible to join CWLS in other logical data centers.
  • Unlike World Visit, the journey takes place on the character selection screen.
  • After specifying the data center on the character selection screen, you will return to the main screen and begin processing the process, which cannot be canceled. Select your desired world and character and repeat the steps above if you wish to return to your data center.

Expansion of the Japanese data center

  • Measures to increase the limit of simultaneous logins – increase the number of logical data centers from 3 to 4. Regroup the worlds in each logical data center from 11 (10) to 8. The limit of simultaneous logins should be increased by several thousand for each world with a common an increase of over 50,000 in the entire Japanese data center.
  • The change is scheduled for July 2022.
  • After the regrouping of worlds, cross-world chat may be available under certain conditions if participants have moved to the Meteor data center.
  • After the worlds are regrouped, players will be able to use the Japanese Data Center Home World Transfer service for free for a limited time. Players who own land plots will be refunded the full cost of the plot, plus a 3 million gil compensation for home furnishings. Players who own an apartment will receive a 500,000 gil refund and an additional 500,000 gil as compensation for non-repairable furniture.

  • The plan is to implement a data center travel system before the Japanese world regroups, and Yoshida asks for feedback on the official forums.


  • The Little Ladies’ Day seasonal event will run from March 14-31. Details will be released March 7th.
  • The team is hiring French and German translators for contract or freelance positions.
  • The auto logout feature will be suspended in the near future.
  • Yoshida apologizes for having to regroup the worlds again in the Japanese data center, but considers it the best solution for the game’s long-term development.
  • With patch 6.1, a new adventure will begin, full of emotions and drama.
  • The next livestream is just around the corner and will contain more information about the update.

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