The Cyberpunk 2077 release was not the best on the previous generation consoles. Let’s at least see the best projects in the “cyberpunk” genre on mobile smartphones in the outgoing 2020. Vote for them and the nominees in other categories on our dedicated AppTime Awards 2020 page. If you disagree with the above list, you can leave a comment with your top.

Cyber ​​fighters

This project begins in 2077, which is a fascinating coincidence. We are located in a typical dystopian city – Detroit. Anarchy reigned in it, and now the inhabitants of the city were left without protection. In 2100, all criminals were sent to Detroit to give them a second chance. This happened due to the abolition of the death penalty. Now gangs have formed here, and if something is not done about it, you can become prey. It is a 2D fighting game with RPG elements that does not require an internet connection. As you progress through, we collect cyber guns and cyber katans. In addition to PvE content, there are battles with other players.

Hassle 1977

The future came ahead of schedule, so all citizens urgently needed to insert a chip into their heads. Not everyone wanted to do this, so we return to the Deus Ex series’s classic scheme – people are divided into two warring factions, where one is for the widespread use of future technologies, and the other is against it. The gameplay is done in isometric style; players have access to major PvP battles and PvE missions, and street racing on sports cars. You can invent different strategies in battles: go ahead with a flamethrower, or become invisible and sneak up on you to inflict a fatal blow.

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes

It turns out that in the cyber future, Conor McGregor more alive than all living things, and he even leads a team of heroes who must fight the evil that split the world into pieces. This is a real-time strategy game where clans and factions fight for control of territories. The in-game McGregor even hosts special tournaments in which we send soldiers into enemy territory and take it away.


This is a premium project but probably the most unpredictable in terms of genre – card strategy. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Reigns series, where we are offered a card with an event, and we have to decide whether something is worth doing about it. In the story, we work in a corporation that deals with supplies and logistics in a building-city where all people live. Morality plays the last role here, but the life of citizens depends only on your decisions. Here you have to choose – either to follow the lead of corporations, which want to get as much money as possible, or defend ordinary people.

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate

It is a turn-based strategy game with online elements. We gather with friends in a clan and seize neighboring territories while protecting them from other players. Also, battles with large bosses are available. During the battles, we watch the animated attacks of our heroes. An extensive talent tree is used to upgrade them.

Worthy Mentions

  • Super clone – endless roguelike mini-arena battles; arena battles with other players are available.
  • Cybersoul – Evil Rise 2 – third-person shooter where we fight against zombies and cyborgs
  • Battle night – cyberpunk strategy with the ability to put battles on auto-mode

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