The best horror games 2020 for iOS and Android: Dead by Daylight, Boris and the Dark Survival and others

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Here we come to the top mobile horror games of 2020. They attract with the tension and eternal fear that awaits right around the dark corner. If we talk about large platforms, then Phasmophobia undoubtedly took off and surprised everyone. Now let’s figure out together which horror movie was the best on smartphones. To do this, go to the dedicated AppTime Awards 2020 page and vote for your favorite projects to be included in our final selection. You can read the previous article here.

Dead by daylight

This is a horror movie about victims and a murderer, a kind of adult version of Among Us: hunters walk with real knives, and victims expire thick blood… The main task is to fix the generators and get out of the small location. But it’s easier said than done: the killer is constantly looking for you, and the birds flutter at loud steps. Overall the best online project to tickle the nerves… A Silent Hill expansion has recently been released.

Boris and the Dark Survival

When you first look at a character from this game, you get the impression that this is Goofy from the Disney universe. And while the developers definitely took inspiration from Disney in many ways, including the animation studio, we play as Boris the wolf. He needs to find all the items at each level while not forgetting to run away from the “Ink Demon.” He constantly prowls in search of Boris. Fortunately, you can run away from him, only the endurance scale can end, and then our local fake goofy will imposingly leave with a pounding heart from the approaching demon. You have to hide from him in the lockers, and you can leave the level only through the elevator.


Who does a person become if his memory is taken away from him? We answer this question in Veritas – an atmospheric adventure through the building of a cyber corporation. In the course of events, we solve puzzles, in which the built-in camera helps us: we take pictures and use them later so as not to forget the necessary information. The project can be attributed to horror only because of its oppressive atmosphere, but this year not many alternatives came out, so it’s okay.

Endless nightmare

You are a policeman, and your wife and daughter were killed… After searching, it turned out that something terrible had happened in your house. Don’t just rely on your eyes: this house is too dark in many places, so use your ears. This will help avoid meeting with a crazy woman that makes noise when approaching. If she does notice you, you must run. To explore a specific area of ​​the house, you need to break something in another part.

Life Gallery

If you thought that previous projects were too scary or gloomy, then now Life Gallery’s finest hour has come. This is a project, some parts of which it is better not to discuss, but to see. Let’s say there is a theme with cults, one-eyed and one-armed boys, and not the most amiable illustrations. So if you want something more psychological than pure screamers, this is the best project in the horror category.

Worthy Mentions

  • Mindkeeper: The Lurking Fear – travel around the castle in the style of the first Amnesia, while you can shoot demons from a sawn-off shotgun
  • Ultimate Custom Night – we fill famous locations from the Five Night’s at Freddy’s series with animatronics, set their difficulty level, and enjoy screamers.
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: HW – a collection of mini-games based on the familiar universe of horrible animatronics; we fix the ventilation and regret not going to work on the day shift.

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