The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World War II

The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World War II

The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World The best mobile games for iOS and Android about World War II

Hello mobile gamers! With you AppTime Media and we congratulate you on the past Victory Day. In honor of him, they decided to make a selection of games about World War II. The list will include card projects, network shooters, tank battles and real strategies for seasoned wolves. Get comfortable, it will be interesting!

Kards Mobile

First up is KARDS Mobile, a great card game with PvE and PvP content. Unlike arcade and fantasy projects like Hearthstone, you have to take on the role of the commander of one of the countries participating in the Second World War – the USSR, Germany, the USA, Japan and Great Britain. The main card depends on this, it is face which the enemy will attack. Other cards are divided into three types – units, orders and countermeasures. Yes, for placing units on the front line or in the rear you have to spend loansthey are also used to move or attack cards already on the field.

An interesting moment when creating a deck is that in addition to the main power, you can choose a friendly nation to add an additional 12 cards. Of the pluses, I note excellent images on the cards and constant updates. Now KARDS Mobile is available exclusively on Android in beta format, but you can try it on PC as well.

Tank Company Mobile

Nihao, tankers! The Chinese project Tank Company Mobile will offer realistic graphics and even artillery, which Wargaming was never able to add before leaving Russia and Belarus. Players take part in 15 vs 15 battles, although mini-games have not been canceled. As soon as you feel the ground under your foot, you can hack yourself into rating fights. Of the powers there are only the USSR, Germany and the USA; they have themed tanks, some of which are prototypes.

While we are waiting for information on testing Tank Company Mobile in the CIS and Europe. The developers plan to add the Skill Test mode to the next OBT. Well, the version of the game will be up to date, so expect new German and Soviet heavy tanks. Better yet, subscribe to this game on AppTime to be the first to get the latest news.

Company of Heroes

Real-time strategies, aka RTS, are rare guests on smartphones. But publisher Feral Interactive managed to bring the classic part of Company of Heroes to touch screens. The main events unfold on the Western Front, starting with a video insert about the Normandy landings. And if you buy the additions Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor, then you can still see the Second World War from the point of view of the Germans. In general, it’s better not to bet on high difficulty, because from the first missions a flurry of enemies rushes at you, and the barracks will not build themselves. Yes, no auto-battles and improvements with one tap – each squad must be given a separate order, maneuvering between tanks and machine guns.

But you can pump units – they get a promotion in battle, but as soon as they fall under suppressive fire, there is no longer any hope of salvation. As for the mobile version, commands are given with a special wheel, and installing barbed wire will not make you sweat as much as the Germans in the 45th. If only the graphics were corrected, otherwise Company of Heroes has not become more beautiful since 2006.

World of Tanks Blitz

Of course, the Chinese can do things better and faster than European developers, but World of Tanks Blitz is still everyone’s favorite, despite a ton of hate about it. Why so? For example, it offers realistic battles where there are no backlights or “bulbs”, and in loot boxes you can get tank destroyers with thick armor, which engineers and designers of the Soviet Union only dreamed of. Also, with regular events, players can easily earn bonus days, rare boosters, and even gold to more accurately break through the enemy.

I am glad that it will not work to sit in the bushes – due to the small size of the maps and the lack of art, players are forced to face each other, maneuvering and showing the enemy the most armored parts of their tank. Well, if you want even more arcade, then you can participate in the Mad Games mode. In it, players get one of 10 abilities – invisibility, vampirism, irradiation, and so on.

World War Heroes: WW2 Shooter

It would seem that in a shooter about the Second World War, and even on smartphones, there can be no tanks. But no – even in training we are allowed to sit on an iron horse and shoot at the enemy. World War Heroes offers five classes – attack aircraft, scout, sniper, machine gunner and medic. Each of them has a separate pumping, the damage and effectiveness on the battlefield depends on it. Of course, either because of the low online, or because of the first ice rink, only bots will play against us and with us. Shooting at them is a pleasure – aim for the head and the headshot is counted. Battles take place on small maps, and there is no invulnerability after respawn. Because of this, most matches turn into pinning the enemy in place. spawn.

World War Heroes has auto-aiming and auto-shooting with the ability to pick up enemy weapons or even switch to a shovel that destroys the enemy with the first blow. If you want to get more gold – this is a premium currency – you need to buy contracts, they are also daily tasks. The Battle Pass also allows you to get premium items, such as bear traps, grenades, and skins for soldiers. And the most advanced fighters will join the clan and fight shoulder to shoulder with friends.

Ghosts of War: WW2

Ghosts of War: WW2 is a multi-mode first-person shooter. Among them are team battle, “Against all” and the royal battle. There are several maps and each of them refers to separate milestones of the Second World War – Normandy, Algeria, a suburb of Paris, and so on. Of course, the sounds when shooting are so-so, but after each map we pump our rank, plus we get tokens and experience. With each update, the developers add new characters and camouflages. It’s a pity that so far they haven’t added tests, tournaments, clans, and a certain Frontline mode. Because of this, it remains to participate in quick battles and look at special offers with donations.

Of the advantages of Ghosts of War: WW2, I will note the graphics and large maps by the standards of smartphones. If more vehicles were added, it would be a mini-Battlefield. As for the nations, there are several of them – the Soviets, France, Great Britain, the USA, Japan and Germany. In addition to the skin of a soldier, you can choose an additional weapon like a knife or a grenade.

World War 2 – Battle Combat

Another shooter, only with the ability to tweak ultra graphics and as much as 120 FPS for modern smartphones. Of the factions, we are offered Japan, the USSR, the USA and Germany. There are many modes and in each of them you can farm the necessary materials and experience for pumping. The list includes Random and Team Battles, Capture the Point, Knives Out Mode, and Deathmatch. On the maps, players are divided into two teams and run in trenches. Yes, World War 2 has auto-fire and auto-aim, although this can be turned off.

In total, the game offers 5 maps and up to 10 fighters in one match. I am glad that you can create a clan and break into the top on the leaderboard, or even enter a private room with friends so that randoms do not interfere. Of the minuses, I will only note the sounds of shooting and rare updates with content. Well, with an increase in the level, the balance outweighs in the direction of premium players.

World War II (Second World War)

In the end, I left the game with the talking name – The Second World War. In it, opponents compete in quick battles, trying to capture each other’s base. The enemy army and the fog of war do not allow them to do this. By the way, the graphics and animations are made in such a way that it seems like you are playing a PC game from the early 2000s. In addition to PvP, we are offered to go through military operations, they are also plot branches; The main task in them is to win within the allotted time.

The developers promise historical accuracy, and the opportunity to go through all stages of World War II – from the summer battles for Ukraine and Belarus to the capture of Berlin. And you can visit the eastern and western fronts. The game features more than 100 types of military equipment, and each unit has unique characteristics. So get ready to ride the T-34 and the German Tiger.

And that’s all for me, dear friends. Thank you for watching to the end – we are trying only for you. Subscribe to the channel, put your fingers up and go to our AppTime website – there you will find the latest news from the gaming industry. Peaceful sky above your head and see you soon!

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