The best mobile games for iOS and Android: Huntdown, My Strongest Hero and others (May 2021)

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Hello mobile gamers! Missing the new release from AppTime? Here we will analyze everything that has managed to come out in the outgoing May. It includes a cool fighting game, a juicy platformer with hints of retro, isometric adventure, an anime-style game like Honkai Impact, and a calm story theme with a touch of noir. Buckle up, we’re off!

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Metal revolution

Metal Revolution is a mobile fighting game with cool robots. Each of them have their own fighting style, as well as a model. The controls reminded me of the classics of the genre: Tekken and Street Fighter. The contractions are dynamic, the pieces of iron are constantly shouting out something. The best part is when the voice-over yells “KO”. The background changes every time: from the Wild West to a huge and futuristic stadium. Fighters need to be pumped well and choose fashionable skins. For the most experienced, there are ranked matches that are divided into seasons.

The project is currently in early launch, so you can already try the steel strike on yourself. Note that only Android gamers were allowed access, so PC and iOS are now out of the question. The game has already been downloaded by more than 50,000 people, and the local donation quietly reaches 6,000 rubles. In general, so far so good, if only they did not sell top fighters for real money.


Remember the good old days when everyone played SEGA Mega Drive and watched Robocop with Terminator on VHS tapes? So, these days have not gone anywhere and all thanks to Huntdown. This is a mobile port of a high-rise platforming game wrapped in retro futurism. Players will become bounty hunters who are only interested in money; these are cyborgs with gouged eyes, a steel jaw, or even an iron head. The local world is filled with bandits or corporates. All will have to resist.

The project came to me, especially due to its atmosphere. You will rarely see this on mobile phones, because the developers approached Huntdown with a soul. There is awesome voice acting, the interface and the gameplay itself: the dregs of society come out from everywhere, and at the end of the level there are battles with bosses. By the way, if you are hit by a shotgun, the character is thrown to the ground. This is the cyberpunk of a healthy person, although you will have to pay deny for the pleasure.

Magnum quest

Magnum Quest is another AFK Arena assassin. Players are waiting for auto-battles with the purchase and pumping of heroes. To win, you need to collect a group of top guys, and then send them to fight. The most important thing is to have time to win in time. During the fight, the player can only squeeze the ult at the right time. The graphics are 3D, although the local locations – at the start it is a ship in a storm – bothered me after the third call. Since the project is AFK, the heroes continue to farm resources even after leaving the game.

The project seemed mediocre to me. It’s better than just copying AFK Arena, but what’s the use? Here are the same quests and achievements that are given for any sneeze. The characters have no history, the developers forgot about the cut scenes. Now the game is still in early access, so the situation may change for the better, but in general, in this genre, we have already tried everything that is possible.

Slash of sword 2

If you are still waiting for the release of the normal Witcher on smartphones, then you better look towards Slash of Sword 2. This is an isometric camera role-playing game where we have to solve the crime of which we are accused. The local setting is medieval fantasy. We can fight in the arena, help the wounded, look for treasures and save girls from robbers. We are promised many options for the development of events, while the plot is short.

The project is interesting, but it goes through quickly. Some players say that it is better not to brew a lot of potions and not collect materials, because you will not have time to spend. You don’t need a cool smartphone, 3 GB of RAM will go. Plus, there are flaws in management, because of this, there are ridiculous deaths. The world is not open, you are simply led on quests; the map is small and you always get stuck somewhere. In general, someone compares the game with the Witcher, while someone is more skeptical of Slash of Sword.

Watcher of realms

Most likely, tower defenses will never go out of style – Watcher of Realms is a direct confirmation of this. This is a 3D project with an isometric camera and unpretentious gameplay. We place archers and mages in positions, and monsters and warriors right on the road where monsters run. The plot is divided into missions, and the heroes are divided into rarity levels. The graphics are mediocre, the whole thing smacks of “hello with free Unity assets”.

This is probably the only tower defense on smartphones in a month, plus lovers of shareware projects can go. Otherwise, the game will dissolve into the mundaneity of Google Play: the story of the heroes is not revealed, they have no dialogues, and the models do not always help to make a choice in the next character. Well, not all smartphones will work. It didn’t work for me, although in the comments 100% someone will write that this is the project of the year.

World war commander

If Company of Heroes is a premium game, then World War Commander will help you enjoy military strategy for free. Here you need to build military buildings, form troops and send them in search of an enemy base. There is a fog of war on the map, so it is impossible to see the enemy’s actions in advance. The local setting is World War II, so wait for the Alliance army and – no, not the Horde, but the Germans.

The graphics are not up-to-date, but it will work for budget mobile phones. While World War is out on Android, iOS gamers will have to wait. Note that missions last a long time, and nothing may happen on the map. That is, if you do not like to wait and are not a fan of Company of Heroes, then the project is unlikely to enter.

Awaken: Chaos Era

Someone ordered another mobile phone that plays itself? Some of you love that, especially if you don’t feel like getting into the mechanics or you’re too busy. Okay, Chaos Era is an RPG with typical medieval fantasy guys. This includes orcs, paladins, mischievous goblins, and huge tauren berserkers. And no, this is not World of Warcraft, but at the start they will give a fight with the local Deathwing. Heroes need to be pumped, as well as to knock out rare ones. Each of them belongs to one of the elements, which allows you to combine characters and find synergy between them.

The plot is divided into missions during which we clear packs of monsters. The effects of attacks and locations are performed at the level, during the ult they generally show a small cut-scene. The game has about 120 heroes, in addition to PvE, there are battles with other gamers. Early Access has now started on Android, so you can try the project yourself. Some consider it an alternative to RAID: Shadow Legends. Yes, I know that you have heard this name from every iron.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

After the success of Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, it was time for another anime – My Hero Academy. Only superheroes and villains live here, so there is no room for ordinary guys. It just so happens that we play as one of the teenagers who wants to save the world, but he does not have a Quirk. In this he will be helped by the Almighty, who can no longer give all his best and constantly save people.

The game has managed to get more than 40,000 ratings on Google Play with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of five. Gamers like everything, but there are drawbacks: the locations are small and often you crash into an invisible wall. That is, if you were waiting for freedom of action, as in Genshin, then go by. Real fans even complained about the growth of some of the characters, which definitely negates all the advantages (in fact, not). The project is available on mobile phones, so download and play. Everything went well for me: from the presentation of the plot to local battles with QTE moments.

Moonlight sculptor

Moonlight Sculptor is a MMORPG with anime characters. There are five classes to choose from: warrior, mage, archer, paladin and alchemist; in this case, you can generally refuse and choose the heroic path later. The characters are made in the chibi style, but for some reason this does not add cuteness. Locations on the level of old Warcraft, the hero himself runs to the next quests. The local world looks cool at night: it is illuminated by heroes (some of them are shadows) and lanterns. At the start, the game mail is filled with various awards from the developers.

The game is cool, but it will probably get lost in the crowd of other similar MMOs. You see, the quests are here for show, there are no video inserts. The interface is made a la “Xbox 360 era”. It is not overflowing with icons, but there is a lot of text and it quickly disappears during dialogs. And yes, at the first locations you need to kill some skunks or raccoons, so we condemn.

The Longest Road on Earth

In the end, I left a noir game called The Longest Road on Earth. Here we are in no hurry, we don’t collect hidden treasures and don’t listen to a joke about someone’s mother. We are told a story about animal-people who live their own lives, rejoice and sad. The graphics are made in pixel style and black and white palette. Basically, we poke objects on the screen to interact with them and advance through the story.

The game is interesting, it is a port from a PC. Another thing: this is unlikely to go to the majority. On the other hand, this is a good alternative to Call of Duty Mobile and similar dynamic games. Of the minuses, a short plot can be noted, which lasts about an hour and a half. But the point is not the destination, but the path to it. Not in the goal, but in the journey.

That’s all for me guys. Come to the light next time, because we are doing this for you. And in order not to miss new releases, subscribe to the channel, like and comment. And do not forget: here you can always find the latest news in the world of the gaming industry and gadgets. All the best!

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